Thy Gas Commandments


Holy Commandments of the Lord GasManGod

1. Thou shalt Not rip off old age pensioners
2. Thou shalt keep Fridays the Holy Day, and finish by 3 at the latest
3. Thou shalt ALWAYS use copper pipe over plastic
4. Thou shalt use a Holy spirit level, for it is simple to do
5. Thou shalt not install ferroli, ravenheat or biasi boilers
6. Thou shalt not sign off other peoples work
7. Thou shalt not covet Thy colleagues tools, nor shalt Thy “borrow” them
8. Thou shalt Always add inhibitor to thine system, regardless of what anyone may tell you
9. Thou shalt not arrive late and blame traffic
10. Take pride in what thou do, and PREY every day to the Lord GasManGod!