Our Daily Gas

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning GasManGod created the heavens and the earth and the Gas engineer Romans 6:23: For the wages of overcharging is death, but the gift of GasManGod is eternal┬álife in GasManGod heaven, that await thee Ezekiel 15:17 and you will know my name is Gasmangod when I lay my vengeance upon you […]

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Thy Gas Commandments

Holy Commandments of the Lord GasManGod 1. Thou shalt Not rip off old age pensioners 2. Thou shalt keep Fridays the Holy Day, and finish by 3 at the latest 3. Thou shalt ALWAYS use copper pipe over plastic 4. Thou shalt use a Holy spirit level, for it is simple to do 5. Thou […]

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